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This week, the CT RollerGirls’ All-Star Stepford Sabotage is hitting the road for their first tournament of the year. Spring Roll, held annually in Fort Wayne, IN, is hosted by the Fort Wayne Derby Girls, and includes over 22 teams from WFTDA and MRDA bouting the weekend of May 16-18. Last year Sabotage came out of this tournament with a 2-1 record, losing their first game to the Fargo-Moorehead Derby Girls, but rallying to beat the Tri-City Roller Girls in a rankings upset and win their final game against the Hammer City Roller GIrls’ Eh! Team. This year Sabotage (ranked 93) is playing sanctioned bouts against Glasgow Roller Derby’s Irn Bruisers (104), The Chicago Outfit (66), and the Twin City Derby Girls (70).

Sabotage’s Spring Roll roster boasts a number of skaters new to sanctioned tournament play with CTRG: Lady Trampler, NDuce N Agony, Mama Hotep, Kill-Ty, Stick up Kid, and Monkey Brains will be traveling to compete with a WFTDA charter team for the first time in an invitational tournament. For some, it will also be their first-time bouting an international team who are traveling all the way from Scotland! Sabotage will be coached and managed by our friends Cirkle Jerk and Fro Serious from the Connecticut Death Quads, and look forward to seeing them take the track for MRDA standings against the Race City Rebels, the Carolina Wreckingballs, and the UK’s Southern Discomfort.

Cars and minivans are being rented and loaded with snacks, protein powders, water, and what-not for the journey to Fort Wayne. Krazy Legz Nikki and Parker Poison are bringing a pancake maker to turn their hotel room into a diner. Your Mom is making sure her bout underwear is clean! Monkey Brains, C Mya Rage, Doomcake, and Assistant Captain Black Cherry are attempting to compile a fourteen hour pump-up play list. NDuce N Agony has been trail hiking with her kids on her back and eating actual spring rolls for good kharma! Inspirational videos are downloaded and ready to play on repeat in the team’s hotel rooms (while they – of course – eat pancakes, sporting clean bout day underwear).

After weeks of cross training, scrimmaging, and practice, Sabotage is prepared for road trip and battle! Deep InCider came to visit from Mass Maelstrom to help tighten the team’s walls of death, and Sabotage picked up a last minute closed-bout with New York’s Bad Apples. This week, new shiny jerseys have just been delivered, and the team is mentally preparing. They are watching footage, hitting the gym, and maybe even getting some rest. Sabotage’s focus, team work, positive attitude, and work ethic looks stronger than ever!

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