2014 is soaring by along. Soon it will be even warmer and we all will be wilting by the pool with an iced drink in our hand.
Let’s catch you up on the some 8 wheel action for the month of June… because it is going to be a monster month for us over here!

June 7th’s double header is your LAST chance to see CTRG’s travel teams play on their home track this year (man, that season went fast). Stepford Sabotage and Yankee Brutals will host the Long Island Roller Rebels. First whistle (Sab) will be at 6pm, second game (Brutals) will begin around 7:30pm. As always, beer, cupcakes, prizes, more beer, and New Haven’s hardest hitting ladies skating fast and knocking girls out of their way. It’s not a game unless the EMTs are on hand. The last time Sabotage met Long Island they won by a mere point! So this is sure to be a close match! It will also be the last time that you will be able to see The Stepford Sabatoge or the Yankee Brutals play this season.

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June 14th – The Yankee Brutal will pile into cars, trucks, and anything with four wheel to travel all the way to the cold north state of Maine play the Rock Coast Rollers team known as the Perfect Storm. We can see how the Brutals can tame that Storm into a gentle wind and come out with a win to close out the travel.
The Brutals will also get a little team bonding in after the game as they roast marshmallows and swap stories of hard hits they gave during the game over a roaring campfire in the woods. Who knows what will happen when you let loose some derby girls in the woods, even the moose maybe afraid.

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June 12th CT Roller Girls @ the Bridgeport Arts Festival. Wanna come hang out with the lovely ladies of CTRG? Wanna find out what our organization is about? Want to help us celebrate the arts festival?

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June 12th – CT RollerGirls Bootcamp
Do you want to be a rollergirl or ref? Do you enjoy the feel of a good workout and the pleasure that comes from learning a new skill?
Then come to our skills bootcamp, work with our skaters where we’ll put you on the right track and teaching you the skills you’ll need for CTRG tryouts and beyond!
– Skaters must be 18+, and have primary health insurance
– Preregistration is required – email info@ctrollerderby.com to sign up
– Rental skates will be available, but skaters are responsible for all other safety gear (knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet, and mouthguard)
– $10

***Save the date June 29th are Try Outs ****