Announcing the 2014 winner of the CT RollerGirls Cindy Luberto Scholarship for Women Athletes: Alexandria Marcarelli!

Alexandria graduated from the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering in Stamford, CT and is attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona, FL this fall to begin studying to be a pilot and Aerospace Engineer.

Photo courtesy of Alex Marcarelli
Photo courtesy of Alex Marcarelli

The members and skaters of CTRG chose Alexandria from among many talented and passionate women athletes who applied for the CT RollerGirls Scholarship, and we are honored to be faced with such a difficult decision! We thank all of the applicants for sharing their inspiring, personal stories about their love of the sports that have had such a great impact on their lives and we wish all of them the best of luck!

Alexandria wrote this of her dedication to playing hockey:

The year was 2010, I was 14 years old and all “the learn-to-play hockey programs” ended at 12 years old. I had only skated on ponds with my brother’s friend who played hockey but I wanted to learn. I approached the owner of the rink and asked permission. My small stature and lack of experience made it an easy decision for the rink, Milford Ice Pavilion, to allow me to join the program. I bought my first pair of hockey skates in March and the rest is history. I love to skate! I went to the weekly program, attended a weekly clinic and skated every chance I could.

I was a softball player so I skated in between my all-star and travel Softball seasons, where I was a catcher. My first hockey game was October 2010 for the Milford Stars U12 travel team. The first couple games I spent a lot of time sliding on my belly across the ice. I made my first goal on our third game. Quickly into the season I began to play on their U14 travel team as well. I continued with the Stars my freshman year of high school starting their season in August 2011 playing on their U14 & U19 travel teams as a forward and goalie. Living in Norwalk, I was going to high school in Stamford at the state charter school; Academy of Information Technology, and Engineering where there are no sports. I was able to play for my home district of Norwalk High so I played varsity softball, but there was no ice hockey! On November 17th 2011 we got good news, Norwalk and Wilton High School were going to co-op their girls hockey– I showed up for try-outs four days later not knowing anyone. I probably put more miles on our cars during my sophomore year because our home rink was in Ridgefield. My mom would pick me up in Stamford travel a half hour to the rink and then half hour home to Norwalk. Mornings were the hardest, having to arrive in Ridgefield at 5:45am and getting to Stamford late on the days of early morning practices. I continued to play with the Milford Stars U19 travel team so it required skating seven days a week which I loved and my passion for hockey continued to grow. My senior year, only four years from starting to skate, I had my best year. I was placed in the starting line as forward having five assists and three goals in one game.

I was a late starter in a sport that most people begin at the age of five, but I picked it up and will continue to play whenever I can. My college career has taken precedence over my ability to skate, so my decision to go south to the Space Coast will leave little time for my true love of skating but my plan is to join a men’s league or the men’s club team on campus. I will be attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Dayton in the fall to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an Aerospace Engineer and pilot.


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