A better understanding of yourself as a person and of other personalities.
20-40 other people that make up a dysfunctional family- no you won’t always like all of them, but they will be there for you.
Something to do almost every weekend of your life… if that’s what you want.
The accomplishment of taking a risk trying something new. It’s not easy to walk in, strap on skates with a lot of strangers. It will be worth it when you’re done though!
Personal heroes. She might be on your league, or she might be a national skater. She might even just be yourself!
The perception of being “badass” to other people around you.
Awareness of how you eat and treat your body.
Friends that are of all walks of life; people you wouldn’t have met if you didn’t play derby.
A crap ton of challenges and successes personally and with our team.
Butt mass & Thigh mass.
Most importantly: Self confidence that transcends in other all the other aspects of your life!

Come try out! It could change your life.